Digital thinking for lawyers

Checklist Legal is a blog, a podcast, & an eBook all designed to help you as a lawyer or legal professional:

  • craft contracts clients love
  • design innovative tools to help increase access to justice
  • develop new skills as a T-shaped professional, and
  • super-charge your personal and professional productivity

Verity White is a Corporate Lawyer and Contract Productivity Enthusiast using digital thinking to make contracts more productive.

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Show notes and individual episodes

Ep 03: Be a lazy lawyer

Mindset: Keep a look out for minions

Show notes

e03 Mindset -Checklist Legal Podcast with Verity White 2018

Ep 05: Triple O Productivity introduction

Mindset: Systematise productivity hacking

Show notes

e05 Mindset -Checklist Legal Podcast with Verity White 2018