Checklist Legal is a blog, an eBook, and a podcast, all aimed at making the law easy to understand so everyone can be more productive.


Checklist Legal uses these tools to make simple legal innovations.


Automation reduces drudgery. When we automate, we think differently about legal work. Automation provides greater access to legal services.


Checklists are simple and easy to understand. Checklists make the difficult feel achievable. This is the Checklist Legal approach to law.

Productive contracts

We are so passionate about making contracts productive, we wrote a book about it! Contracts touch us all. We make contracts readable, digital, useful, and useable.

Process mapping

Legal documents and information sit within processes - whether those processes are written down or not. Lawyers need to build skills in legal and contract process mapping.

Plain language

Most people - lawyers and non-lawyers - prefer plain language to legalese. Plain language challenges lawyers to come out from behind legalese to show the legal information clearly.

Legal visuals

Using visuals is a fast track to better understanding. Our brains love visual information. Contracts need pictures, tables, flow charts and other visual elements.

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