Small Business

Can you copy terms and conditions for your business from another website?

By Dev / September 8, 2020

Why waste a lot of time for no reason, right? Those terms and conditions on a similar business’ website looks like they should be okay… Their business is fairly similar to yours…. Why not just copy and paste them, and change the business name? There are a few good reasons why this is not a

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How to get paid quicker: Payment demand emails and letter templates

By Verity Checklist / December 6, 2015

If cash flow is stressing you out or you just want to spend less time chasing payments, this article will teach you to:
– Build a solid payment structure into your daily business habits.
– Use proven psychology for following up on late payments
– Fire off a payment demand letter that gets $25,000+ results within days (get the template version here)
– Increase the chances of your invoices getting paid on time with three easy to implement ideas.

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