Things to do before you whinge

The ‘Before Whinging’ Checklist

By Verity Checklist / August 7, 2017

It can be very frustrating when a contract, compliance, or legal process isn’t followed correctly. The processes are set up for a reason. The rules are there. Surely everyone knows how to do the right thing and anyone who gets it wrong is doing it on purpose? People often jump straight to complaining about someone

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Science for legal innovation

Speeding up innovation: Four ways to increase innovation take up?

By Verity Checklist / July 24, 2017

The rate of innovation adoption is ‘an attribute that can be altered through planning and effort‘ – Bill Henderson For a while, I have struggled with how to get others as excited by new ideas as I get. I have second guessed myself, perhaps thinking I am too naïve or overly optimistic about innovations’ ability to improve

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