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CHECKLIST: ‘FREE’ promotions checklist

By Verity Checklist / March 26, 2018
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CHECKLIST: Limited time promotions checklist

By Verity Checklist / March 5, 2018
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Sneaky hidden pre-filled email code for absolute beginners

By Verity Checklist / March 1, 2018

Do you ever wish you could write other people’s emails for them? Perhaps you get requests that come through with missing information or unclear details? Maybe you want to direct certain requests to another person, but you don’t want that person to get lump with lots of unclear requests. There is a way to fix

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CHECKLIST: Comparisons & Savings Claims checklist

By Verity Checklist / February 20, 2018
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CHECKLIST: General advertising & marketing checklist

By Verity Checklist / February 16, 2018
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Legal Process Mapping: A beginner’s guide to mapping legal processes for fun and profit

By Verity Checklist / November 13, 2017

The following is an extract from the book Secrets of Productive Contracts by Verity White. For more info on the book, visit the book page or you can go ahead and buy a digital copy.   HOW TO MAKE A PRODUCTIVE CONTRACT PROCESS If you’ve been reading other posts or the book Secrets of Productive Contracts, you know we need

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