Contract Design Canvas

By Verity Checklist / November 13, 2019

Introducing the Contract Design Canvas! Recently launched for the first time with the Victorian Society of Computers and the Law…and discussed in brief in Legal Business World. Very keen to hear your thoughts!  Click here to get an editable version of the Contract Design Canvas in PowerPoint.

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Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Automated Letter Builder: Are you being paid correctly?

By Verity Checklist / February 5, 2018

Most employers want to do the right thing by their workers. Different awards and pay rates and entitlements are often confusing for small to medium businesses. Even large corporations can make mistakes about the pay and entitlements of their staff. Speaking with your employer or writing a letter is the first step to ask your current or

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Legal Process Mapping: A beginner’s guide to mapping legal processes for fun and profit

By Verity Checklist / November 13, 2017

The following is an extract from the book Secrets of Productive Contracts by Verity White. For more info on the book, visit the book page or you can go ahead and buy a digital copy.   HOW TO MAKE A PRODUCTIVE CONTRACT PROCESS If you’ve been reading other posts or the book Secrets of Productive Contracts, you know we need

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Automated Letter Builder – Request a formal warning instead of a fine (infringement)

By Verity Checklist / July 10, 2017

WANT TO GET OUT OF AN INFRINGEMENT? Try this automated letter builder to help you try to get out of an infringement (fine) in Victoria.

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Clients don't always queue neatly with all the info you need. Triage tables can help! (Credit Paul Dufour)

Productivity Tools for Lawyers: Triage Tables

By Verity Checklist / February 26, 2017

Lawyers love giving accurate, timely advice but that’s hard to do with incomplete information. Clients aren’t always sure what information is relevant, they may offer too much or too little. Lawyers aren’t perfect, sometimes they forget to ask key questions. How can clients and lawyers help each other so the right information is shared quickly and in

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