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Don’t want to DIY? Need a little extra help to get started? Not sure where to start? Want to get your document ready for electronic signatures?

If you are stuck on a tricky contract process problem or need help formatting documents for automation, then Checklist Legal can help with a range of bespoke consulting services.

Initial online consultation is free (20 minutes).

After the first catch up, you will receive a detailed quote for the business problem we are solving together, and we can take it from there.

Please note: this is not a legal advice. It is basic document consultation and general business information only. For free legal resources in Australia, see here.

Black stand up tablet Secrets of Productive Contracts How to think digitally and write paperless contracts for a faster future by Verity White Checklist Legal
Verity Checklist

Secrets of Productive Contracts Digital Download eBook & Productivity Pack

Secrets of Productive Contracts Digital Download eBook & Productivity Pack

You also get a suite of templates and examples included with the purchase of Secrets of Productive Contracts Digital Download eBook & Productivity Pack.

What’s in the pack?

  • Digital PDF version of¬†Secrets of Productive Contracts by Verity White (181 pages)
  • Infographic – Secrets of Productive Contracts ($4 if purchased separately to the Productivity Pack)
  • Sample Visual Notice Clause
  • Sample Signature Panel
  • Sample Parties Section
  • Sample Key Details Page
  • Swim Lane Diagram Process Template
  • Why we need to reverse the sandwich
  • Quick Wins Checklist

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