Automation is incredible. It can help save much drudgery in the day-to-day lives of lawyers and non-lawyers. Beware though, you can’t put lipstick on a pig.ย If you think automation is going to fix all your process problems, you’re wrong.

You can’t put automaton lipstick on a contract pig.

You know how you clean up a bit before the cleaner comes around? Pick things off the ground so it’s easier to vacuum?
It’s the same with automation and digitisation. Automation tools are amazing, but they aren’t a silver bullet.
Until Google translate comes up with a Legalese option, you will still need to do the hard yards and write in plain language (see here). You also need to understand your contract processes (see here for process mapping) so you can best automate them.

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How do you get your contract ready for a faster world of automation and digital, paperless contracts? Checklist Legal lovesย a method called Reverse Sandwich Contracting.

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Secrets of Productive Contracts by Verity White Checklist Legal How to think digitally and write paperless contracts for a faster future