Plain Language and Government Contracts

Dealing with a tricky government contract you want to simplify? Government lawyers pushing back on your updates to their agreement? Whilst the preferred term is Plain Language (because itโ€™s more inclusive)โ€ฆthe Office of Parliamentary Counselโ€™s […]

Free eBook: Legal Innovation Framework

Trying to do something different in a legal team gets overwhelming. Thereโ€™s lots of roadblocks. Heaps of competing priorities. Very little (i.e. zero) budget to spend. And on top of all of these challenges, lawyers […]

e10 Mindset -Checklist Legal Podcast with Verity White 2018

Ep10 How to map a contract for productivity

Ep10 How to map a contract for productivity MINDSET: It’s complicated (but it doesnโ€™t have to be) LISTEN Click on an icon below to launch the episode iTunes SoundCloud Stitcher Time to make your contract […]