What if your customers and your team all loved your company’s legal documents?

What if your contracts and policies were all written in a way that matched your brand voice and were easy to read, understand, and act on?

This is the key purpose of Checklist Legal; to create contracts client’s love…and even change the world of contracts for the better.

We specialise in digital and automated contracts that enhance your relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers.

Our mission is to be the go-to law firm for clients looking to create contracts to match their brand promise, help drive efficient business practices, and manage risk effectively.

  • We want to work with clients who share our values of SimplicityCreativity, and Serious Fun.
  • We love to help CX-obsessed businesses who want to manage risks responsibly without alienating customers or losing their brand personality.
  • We love to co-create readable, usable contracts to match the amazing user experience of your products and services

About our Founder: Verity White

Our principal lawyer is Verity White, an experienced commercial lawyer with a passion for simplifying contracts and expertise in re-designing contracts for automation, readability, and usability.

Over the past 8 years, Verity has honed her commercial legal practice working in various telecommunications and technology areas, including Australia’s largest telecommunications and technology company.

In 2019, Verity was named an In House Leader by Australasian Lawyer and a Rising Star by The Legal 500. Her work simplifying contracts has saved hundreds of hours for businesses and lawyers and a recent contract design project was a Finalist in the Legal category of the 2019 Clear Communication Awards.

Verity is also the Company Secretary of STREAT, a Melbourne hospitality social enterprise dedicated to helping young people who really need a hand.