Trying to do something different in a legal team gets overwhelming.

There’s lots of roadblocks. Heaps of competing priorities. Very little (i.e. zero) budget to spend. And on top of all of these challenges, lawyers are human (believe it or not!) and aren’t known for changing their ways in a hurry.

If you are trying something new in your legal team or want to do things differently but aren’t sure where to start, perhaps this (free) eBook with a basic legal innovation framework based around my approach to in house legal team innovation could help.

I presented this material at the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest in June last year and the amazing team from the Eventful Group turned it into a snazzy, free eBook.

The concepts in this eBook aren’t necessarily new – many are borrowed and re-worked from principles such as Lean Design, Six Sigma, Agile methodology and others. What is new, is the way they are designed to work specifically for legal professionals. Plus, I’ve created some board-ready templates you can download to get started straight away.

This basic framework will help step you through the legal innovation process: from idea, to testing, to business case, to roll out, ensuring your great idea is implemented in your firm or organisation.

If you want to start getting strategic in the way you are innovating in your legal team, download this Legal Innovation Framework for free today. Let me know what you think below, any ideas to improve it?

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