e05 Mindset -Checklist Legal Podcast with Verity White 2018

Introduction to Triple O Productivity

Mindset: Systematise productivity hacking

In this episode of the Checklist Legal podcast

  • Why you need to systematise your productivity hacking
  • An overview of the Triple O productivity system
  • How this productivity system applies to contract documents and contract processes
  • 3 key tactics to tick off before you start ripping into documents


  • If you haven’t already, read ‘Getting Things Done‘ by James Allen. This book is an amazing way to think about productivity and processes.
  • Remember how important it is to tackle a productivity problem in the right order… there’s no point optimising something that you could obliterate because it doesn’t really need to be done at all… don’t try outsourcing something which you haven’t fully optimized yet… you’ll be handballing the inefficiencies to others.
  • Start with the aspect you have the most control over… if that’s the contract, start there, if it’s the process start there.


Keep the 3 key tactics in mind before you start the Triple O Productivity process…

  • Save a copy of the old version
  • Get some metrics
  • Track your changes


Using a sheet of paper or if you use an note taking app a table with three columns, write at the top of each coloumn 1. OBLITERATE, 2. OPTIMISE, AND 3. OUTSOURCE…..


Set a timer for three minutes and – without second guessing yourself or challenging your thoughts, spend three minutes noting down every thing in your life at work or in your personal life that you would like to get rid of or OBLITERATE.

Then do the same thing for OPTIMISE.. For three minutes, think about things in your work or personal life you want to make better. Finally, take three minutes to think of things you’d like to delegate to someone else, or OUTSOURCE. Some of the items for 2 may also appear in 3… that’s okay. This is a way to start thinking systematically about making improvements and it also gives you a starting point for making your work and personal life more productive.


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Links to sources from this episode of the Checklist Legal Podcast and background information:

Head to the Checklist Legal Resources page for access to the other templates and examples mentioned in the show.

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