Do you ever wish you could write other people’s emails for them? Perhaps you get requests that come through with missing information or unclear details? Maybe you want to direct certain requests to another person, but you don’t want that person to get lump with lots of unclear requests.

There is a way to fix those problems, and I call it sneaky hidden pre-filled email code!


Yes… this looks like odd coding gone wrong….

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Oh%20hi%20there!%20This%20works!%20&body=Hello%20there!%0A%0AThis%20is%20pretty%20cool!%0A%0AI%20might%20have%20to%20use%20this!%0A%0AHere%20is%20where%20you%20ask%20people%20to%20put%20in%20further%20details.%20Here%20is%20some%20further%20info%20on%20what%20I%20would%20like%20your%20help%20with:%0A%0A%20%0AWhat?%0ASo%20what?%0ANow%20what?%0A%0ACan%20you%20please%20get%20back%20to%20me%20by:%0A%0A%0AThanks%20so%20much%20for%20your%20help,%20I%20really%20appreciate%20it.%0A%0ALet%20me%20know%20if%20you%20need%20anything%20further%20from%20me?%20Thanks%20again!%0A%0AKind%20regards,%0A%0A

…but I can hide that messy ugly code with a hyperlink.

Hidden behind an image

Hidden behind plain old words

Or, behind an emoji

Checklist Legal Podcast Display Verity White 2018 Need to submit a review request?



If you aren’t sure how to hyperlink, hit the Control button and the letter K (CTRL + K). Also, here’s a detailed guide on creating and editing hyperlinks from Microsoft.

So, how do you make a sneaky, hidden, pre-filled email?

Check out this detailed guide from TextFixer.

HTML Code colour coded Checklist Legal Sneaky Prefilled Emails Verity White

  1. Write out your template email
  2. Put mailto: before the email address you want the email to go to
  3. Put ?subject= before the email subject line you want
  4. Put &body= before the body of your email
  5. Use %0A%0A when you want to start a new line
  6. Replace all spaces between words with %20 (use find replace)

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Oh%20hi%20there!%20This%20works!%20&body=Hello%20there!%0A%0AThis%20is%20pretty%20cool!%0A%0AI%20might%20have%20to%20use%20this!%0A%0AHere%20is%20where%20you%20ask%20people%20to%20put%20in%20further%20details.%20Here%20is%20some%20further%20info%20on%20what%20I%20would%20like%20your%20help%20with:%0A%0A%20%0AWhat?%0ASo%20what?%0ANow%20what?%0A%0ACan%20you%20please%20get%20back%20to%20me%20by:%0A%0AThanks%20so%20much%20for%20your%20help,%20I%20really%20appreciate%20it.%0A%0ALet%20me%20know%20if%20you%20need%20anything%20further%20from%20me?%20Thanks%20again!%0A%0AKind%20regards,%0A%0A


And then, voilà! The finished product…

Hidden Prefilled EMail Code

If you get stuck, there is a handy tool to help you at TextFixer. Very basic. Very versatile.

What do you think… Too low tech to work? Just fun enough? Let me know what you would use this hidden email code for.

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