The right tool can make a big difference. You can’t easily hammer a nail with a spoon and it’s hard to eat cereal with a hammer. There are lots of productivity tools and helpful apps out there for lawyers.

At Checklist Legal we have tried lots of them and have our favourites. We’ve written about¬†lots of tools before (tools for getting to sleep, and then tools for writing ¬†productive contracts, and even tech skills for¬†in house lawyers) but we haven’t built out a complete list of¬†our favourite productivity tools and apps and books.

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Note taking and lists

Evernote logo
Evernote is my favourite note taking app

Evernote¬†is a fast, sturdy, and flexible note taking application. It’s my choice for general note taking. Easy for you to build your routine on your desktop (Desktop app or browser versions) and bring it up on your chosen app (Android or iOS)



Nozbe is my favourite way to manage tasks and create checklist
Nozbe is my favourite way to manage tasks and create checklists

Nozbe is my choice for task management. Again it is very sturdy with desktop, website, and app versions that all sync super quickly. The premium version lets you save and share template checklists \^_^/ Here is copy of my nightly routine via Nozbe in a checklist template.

Fast auto-responses

Digital Assistants

The future will involve more and more voice control applications, it’s time to start practising and learn how to talk to digital ‘people’.

Google Assistant (Android) | Siri (iOS) | Cortana (Microsoft)

Electronic Signature Platforms

I’m very passionate on electronic signatures (I even wrote a book about it!). Start experimenting with different applications and see the potential impact they can have on your productivity and happiness.


DocuSign is easy to use and simple to get started. As your skills grow, you can increase the functionality and automate more.

Use this link to get a 30 day free trial and 10% off if you purchase.


I have a real soft spot for this awesome Aussie start up challenger to Adobe and DocuSign. Lots of functionality above and beyond electronic signatures.

Use this link for 15% off and a free trial

Decision Trees and mapping

Zingtree: Zingtree is an incredibly powerful way to give guided advice or trouble shoot issues.

Coggle: Coggle is an amazing mind mapping tool.

Stationary: Or just use Post its or Pen and paper (from your drawer!)

Videos and Screen Capture

SnagIt: Screen Capture

Filmora: Very easy to use video editing software with a high powered mobile version.

Presentation of Legal Information

Canva: Great Australian company with really easy to use interface and lots of great templates for social media images. The entry level free version is really powerful.

Piktochart: This platform has a bigger focus on infographics, is also very easy to use.


Automated workflows

Create an ‘If¬†X, then Y’ mindset as you approach your legal work. Start testing out¬†automated workflows and reduce your admin time.


The Future of the Professions, by Daniel Susskind and Richard Susskind (Read (or listen via audiobook!)

Tomorrow’s Lawyers, By Richard Susskind


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