Distracting your customer

In this eight part presentation series, I briefly outline key ways you can ruin your marketing (so you can avoid them) and also highlight easy wins you can use to foster positive working relationships between the legal and marketing teams, who often have very different objectives and KPIs.

The last installment in the 8 ways to ruin your marketing series looks at how typos and poor proofing can have a legal impact or cause legal headaches (fingers crossed there aren’t any in this post & presentation!).

In Part 8 – Distract the customer, we look at a case study involving Topshop where a single typo cost them big time.

Will you spot the typo?

you're not getting that sale...

you’re not getting that sale…

There’s also a useful checklist at the end of the presentation you can run through just before you hit send to ensure you have properly proofed your work.

Click here to launch the last installment of 8 ways to ruin your marketing – Part 8 – Distract the customer.

Have spelling mistakes ever caught you out? What are the spelling mistakes you loathe?


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