Understand your product

In this eight part presentation series, I briefly outline key ways you can ruin your marketing (so you can avoid them) and also highlight easy wins you can use to foster positive working relationships between the legal and marketing teams, who often have very different objectives and KPIs.

Part 6 in the 8 ways to ruin your marketing series looks at how failing to understand the product you are selling can lead to legal issues and provides a case study on risky product areas.

A case study on a particular product – the nbn, Australia’s new-ish broadband network – is used to demonstrate how some types of products have inherent risks which marketers & legal teams must be aware of.

There’s also a useful checklist near the end of the presentation you can use to test your knowledge of the product you are marketing. You can also use that list as inspiration for you to develop your own key product risks checklists.

Click here to launch the next installment of 8 ways to ruin your marketing –  Part 6 – Fail to understand your product.

Do you have horror stories from when you or someone you know didn’t research the product they were trying to market? Comment below or shoot me an email at Verity@VerityRider.com




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