Do you fact check your marketing?

In this eight part series, I briefly outline key ways you can ruin your marketing (so you can avoid them) and also highlight easy winsย you can useย to foster positive working relationships between the legal and marketing teams, who often have very different objectives and KPIs.

In Part 4ย โ€“ Don’t research or check facts, we look at comparative advertising and savings claims.

Comparing your product and services against your competitors’ can be a great way to show how awesome yours are howeverย you can land in hot water if you don’t do it fairly.

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Included is a bonus marketing compliance checklistย to use if you want to make savings claims or try out comparative advertising.

Click below to check out part four:ย 8 Waysโ€ฆ to ruin your marketing: Part 4ย โ€“ย Don’t research or check facts

Do you make savings claims to promote your products?


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