Trying to be tricky ruins the customer experience

In this eight part series, I briefly outline key ways you can ruin your marketing (so you can avoid them) and also highlight easy wins you can use to foster positive working relationships between the legal and marketing teams, who often have very different objectives and KPIs.

In Part 3 – Try to be tricky, we run through the risks of using limited offers as a promotion technique to increase sales. The limit might be a limited time or limited stock, either way there are several key issues you need to be across.

Limited offers can be excellent ways to get customers  to act and be interested in your products and services, if you know how to use them within the framework of consumer law.

Included is a bonus marketing compliance checklist to use when creating promotions and special offers that will give you and your team confidence your marketing won’t trick your customers.

Click below to check out part three, which covers risks on limited time offers.

8 Ways… to ruin your marketing: Part 3 – Try to be tricky

Have you had any problems with limited offers before?

Feel free to ask me any tricky questions!



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