Infographic detailing 8 ways to comply with door-to-door sales laws

Knock knock…. Complying with door-to-door sales laws

Does your business ever make sales outside the office?

If you or your team promote or sell products and services at a customer’s home or business premises, you need to be aware of the laws around making sales outside your office.

Fields sales, also called door-to-door sales, are covered by a strict set of laws to protect consumers.

If you currently sell this way or want to start making sales in this manner – either by visiting potential customers in their homes or by going around to speak with businesses – you and your team need to be aware of the rules around these types of sales.

Below is an easy & visual explanation of important ways your business needs to comply with door to door sales laws, in a format you can download, print and share (all for free of course!) with your team.

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Download the poster here HOW TO COMPLY with door-to-door sales laws

Please note, this is not intended as a full guide for your business and you should seek independent legal advice in relation to your particular situation.

For further information, see the ACCC website.




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