Posted by on April 24, 2017

Want to simplify your contracts but not sure where to start? Try these simple (rhyming!) steps…

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How to make a reverse sandwich contract - a poem by Verity White, CHecklist Legal

Click here to open and save as a PDF (Credit: Verity White, Checklist Legal)

What do you think, are you ready to start creating forward thinking, productive contracts?

You could also head to the Checklist Legal Tools and Templates page, for free templates you can use to put Reverse Sandwich Contracting into action!

Or check out my eBook – ‘Secrets of Productive Contracts: How to think digitally and write paperless contracts for a faster future’. 

Does rhyming help you to remember things? Are contract issues too serious for rhyming poetry…? Let me know your thoughts below!

– Verity


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