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Contracts make the world go round. Whether they are online or on paper, having an agreement should make the rights and obligations of each person or business clear.

If your business has contracts that you can't understand, it's not just a problem for your customers, it's a problem for you. Similarly, if your company is writing contracts for lawyers, your contracts are slowing your company down at every stage.

How does an unproductive contract slow you down?

  • At creation - the contracts take longer for lawyers to draft.
  • At negotiation - key details are hard to find, making review difficult.
  • At signing - executives need unclear contracts explained to them before they sign.
  • At implementation - what was agreed to and what needs to be done.
  • At dispute - it's hard to find and understand the rights of each party.
  • At renewal - difficult to manage the lifecycle of a contract where key details are unclear.
  • And if something changes, your company needs to understand how the contract works with that change.

Contracts need to do more than just sit in a drawer.


How do you get your contract ready for a faster world of automation and digital, paperless contracts? Checklist Legal developed a method called Reverse Sandwich Contracting.

Check out the Checklist Legal eBook 'Secrets of Productive Contracts'  to learn more about the Reverse Sandwich Contract method - a fast, low-cost way to get contracts ready for a faster future of automation.

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